Plumbing Services in Buncombe County, NC

Plumbing problems don’t just go away on their own. Instead, they get bigger and costlier if not resolved properly by a qualified professional. Don’t leave your plumbing to chance when there’s a problem! Call Autry Plumbing, LLC for high-caliber plumbing services in Buncombe County, NC:

  • Installations

    If your plumbing is old, eroded, damaged or insufficient for your home, let us replace it! In addition to joints and pipes, we can also replace lines, fixtures and other plumbing essentials. We use only the highest quality parts and take great care to install them with precision, for solutions that stand the test of time and the stress of daily use.

  • Repairs

    We’re able to repair most residential plumbing issues quickly, so you can get back to a system that works right. This includes unclogging toilets, repairing leaks, fixing u-bends, toilet repairs, drain repairs and much more. We’re even equipped to work on water and sewer main lines.

  • Replacements

    Looking to upgrade your plumbing? We can help! Let our seasoned team retrofit old plumbing and fixtures or make updates to your system where needed. We’ll make sure the entire system is modernized and well-maintained.

Leak Detection and Repair

pipe leak

Leaks—even minor ones—can cause big problems quickly. If you see water present in your home, hear dripping or suspect a leak may be present somewhere in your lines, give us a call. We’ll identify potential leak symptoms and trace them back to the source, to make sure your little leak doesn’t turn into a big problem.

Water and Sewer Line Replacements

Water and sewer replacement services in Buncombe County, NC aren’t something just any plumber is qualified to perform. We are! We have years of experience with these heavy jobs and will make sure your lines are in good condition. From full replacements to section repairs where damage has occurred, we’ve got you covered.

Residential Plumbing, Done Right

Don’t let plumbing problems be a bane to your home. Put your plumbing in the right hands and call Autry Plumbing, LLC! We perform installations, repairs and replacements right the first time, so you can rely on your plumbing normally each and every day. Give us a call at 828-253-4269 if you need service and we’ll be happy to help.

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