Does Water Usage and Conservation Really Matter? Yes! Here's Why

Does Water Usage and Conservation Really Matter? Yes! Here’s Why

November 1, 2018

Does water usage and conservation really matter? After all, we live on a great blue planet and are surrounded by water, water everywhere. As water purification installers in Buncombe County, NC, there is no topic more important to us than water. We’ve researched water usage and conservation around the world and right here in North Carolina. We feel that there’s a lot we can do right here and right now.

How much water is there?

Clean water is our most precious resource. We can live without many things, but we cannot live without water. Water is essential for life itself, and a high quality lifestyle cannot be achieved without access to abundant fresh, clean water. Is there water, water everywhere? Is it in never-ending supply on this great blue planet?

Unfortunately, fresh and clean water is in short supply. Only 1 percent of the planet’s water is fresh water that is not locked in the ice caps—and not all of that 1 percent is clean enough to be drinkable or usable in our homes. This should dramatically change the way you think about the water you use on a daily basis. Not everyone has the same access to water.

Water usage

Water is used for many different things. We use it at home for drinking, bathing, flushing the toilet, doing laundry and watering our lawn. Water is also used for firefighting, swimming pools, mining, agriculture and industrial uses. Let’s face it—we use a lot of water in this country. In fact, we use more water per day than any other country on the planet. The average American uses about 600 liters of water per day by themselves.

Compare that with other countries. The country with the second highest water usage rate is our friend Down Under. In Australia, the average person uses about 470 liters per day. In Italy, the average person uses about 390 liters per day. The average person in Japan uses 375 liters per day. In Mexico, the average person uses 325 liters per day. Meanwhile, in developing nations such as Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti and Ethiopia, the average person only uses between two and 15 liters per day.

While Americans are blessed with an abundance of fresh water, we do not seem to be doing our best to conserve it. Much of this precious resource is wasted.

Conservation steps that you can take today

Taking steps to reduce your water consumption can make a big impact on the world. You can make a difference in improving the water situation both here in North Carolina and for our friends across the globe.

One of the simplest things you can do is hire a plumber in Buncombe County, NC to check your home for leaks. Data suggest that about 12 percent of the average American family’s water supply is depleted by leaks in pipes.

Another conservation idea is to take shorter showers. Avoid leaving the faucet running. Upgrading your toilets to newer models that do not need as much water to flush is a big step toward water conservation. You can carefully monitor how often you water your lawn, wash your car and use your washing machine. By being intentional and scheduling ahead of time when you plan to perform these water-intensive activities, you can reduce the amount of water wasted.

Conserving water not only helps you save on your water bill, but helps create long-term habits that can be passed from generation to generation, too. The more water we can conserve, the more fresh water we will have available for others.

Choosing a water purification installer in Buncombe County, NC

When considering how you can make a difference, choose a water purification installer in Buncombe County, NC who is as passionate about water conservation as you are. At Autry Plumbing, LLC, we believe that clean, fresh water is a precious gift, and we need to conserve it. We offer the most affordable water purification systems and best customer service in the area. Call us today for cleaner water in your future.

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